Innovation Trainer Certification™

Get Certified to Train Brains to Apply New & Proven Processes, Tools, and Techniques

Experience Our Highly-Acclaimed Innovation Trainer Certification Workshop to Gain Knowledge and Skills to Train People to Innovate Better, Faster and Smarter.

If you enjoy helping people learn to use the full power of their creative and innovative potential, then you should become a Certified Innovation Trainer. Join a select group of over 100 trainers from around the globe who are making a positive impact by leading award-winning Accelerated Innovation & Creativity Training Workshops for clients, in-house teams and open enrollment programs for the public.

Train-the-Trainer Workshop Goals & Learning Objectives

During this action-focused workshop, you will learn to:

  • Facilitate Accelerated Innovation & Creativity Training Workshops in a variety of formats and lengths
  • Customize the Accelerated Innovation Training for organizations, teams, individuals, clients and customers
  • Tailor the 4-Stage Accelerated Innovation™ Process to specific goals, challenges and problems
  • Teach diverse audiences to learn how to think more innovatively
  • Organize workshop environments that enhance innovation training and creative thinking
  • Teach proven techniques that foster creative and innovative thinking
  • Develop new techniques for using the KnowBrainer Innovation Tool
  • Optimize team productivity by applying strategies based on the 4-Brain Thinkers™ model
  • Flexible Dates & Locations for Certifications

    Certification workshops are scheduled on the following dates in several convenient locations.

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    Comprehensive Curriculum of Workshops & Webinars Helps Learning Last

    Our Trainer Certification is Fast, But the Learning Lasts. You will participate in three days of workshops, and 12 hours of webinars for a total of 36 hours of training. Since you will be trained to lead the award-winning Accelerated Innovation & Creativity Training Workshop, you will first “experience” that workshop by attending it with a larger group of people. After you have completed the Accelerated Innovation Workshop on the first two days, you will continue your training for a third day in the Innovation Trainer Workshop. Your training will continue for several weeks and months via convenient webinars.

    Training Workshop Topics
  • Workshop history and interesting case examples
  • Training success factors
  • Trainer resources and materials
  • Models and processes
  • Tools and techniques
  • Interactive exercises and experiences
  • Participant materials and resources
  • Participant prework and coaching
  • Participant follow-up and coaching
  • Conducting innovation webinars
  • Environment and meeting space enhancements
  • Helping participants clarify goals, challenges and problems
  • Developing examples of completed worksheets and planners
  • Evaluating and measuring the impact of training
  • Modular Training: 1-3 hour previews, half-day formats, 1-day workshops 2-day options
  • Customizing the PowerPoint slides
  • Training large audiences, diverse or unique groups
  • Advanced innovation techniques
  • Idea Exchange & Thinkathon options
  • Music, photo and video opportunities
  • Developing “new” KnowBrainer exercises
  • Developing communities of innovators
  • Applying principles from The Experience Economy by Pine & Gilmore
  • Collaborating with other Certified Innovation Trainers
  • Useful Trainer Materials Equip You With Valuable Training

    Bring a bigger suitcase so you can easily bring back all your Trainer Certification Resources that include:

  • 600-page Trainer Guide with detailed scripts, agendas, and checklists
  • Over 300 professionally designed PowerPoint slides
  • Colorful laminated posters
  • Templates for prework and post-training follow-up activities
  • Templates for brochures, invitations and marketing
  • Two KnowBrainer Innovation Tools
  • Extra set of Participant Materials including the following “Innovation System” from 2-day Workshop:
  • Valuable Benefits for Certified Trainers

    Help More People
    If you enjoy helping people, you will enjoy leading innovation workshops. People come to the workshop with goals, challenges and problems. Thanks to your training, they leave the workshop with ideas, solutions and plans that address their goals, challenges and problems. You help them learn to help themselves by tapping into their full creative and innovative potential. Many Certified Trainers have a large collection of thank you notes and testimonials from graduates who greatly appreciate what the trainer has done for them.

    Develop Valuable Skills
    Certification will help you become skilled at designing, organizing and training teams and individuals to quickly produce more innovation. Demand for your expertise will increase as more people discover your abilities to train others to apply proven innovation tools, techniques and methods.

    Save & Earn Money
    Certified Trainers are able to purchase training resources such as the KnowBrainer at significant discounts, thereby saving their organizations thousands of dollars. Many trainers generate profitable revenue for their companies through in-house workshop or public seminars.

    Enhance Your Credentials
    Innovation is popular and the demand for innovation training will continue to increase. Differentiate yourself from others by communicating your unique Certified Innovation Trainer credentials on your resume, biography and online profiles.

    Expand Your Network
    Be prepared to develop valuable relationships and friendships with other people who are in your certification workshop. Continue growing those relationships in the follow-up webinars and meetings. You can expect to benefit from joining an exclusive community of over 100 Certified Trainers, who have completed the certification training.

    Learn to Teach Proven Models & Processes

    Over two decades have been invested in developing, refining and testing proven models and processes that can be taught in training workshops. First, trainers will learn how the human brain consists of four quadrants that comprise the 4BrainThinker™ 4-Quadrant Model.

    Second, trainers will be introduced to four unique processes that help them facilitate creative and innovative thinking. The M-Curve, New 3-Rs, ideate & filterate, and Accelerated Innovation process will clarify how you can think better, faster and smarter.

    Finally, trainers will learn how to help people use their whole brain by applying the 4-Stage Accelerated Innovation® Process that consists of Stage 1: Investigating Needs, Stage 2: Creating Ideas, Stage 3: Evaluating Solutions, and Stage 4: Activating Plans.

    Discover New Innovation Tools & Stimulating Techniques

    Research shows that “lack of tools” is a primary block to creativity and innovation. Innovators want MORE TOOLS, and FEWER PowerPoint decks, 3-ring binders and books. The compact KnowBrainer tool summarizes the entire Accelerated Innovation Process into a portable tool that can be taken anywhere and does not require computer hardware or software. The tool actually fits in a pocket, briefcase or purse. All workshop participants get a tool kit full of unique tools that accelerate innovative thinking. You will receive the latest version of the award-winning KnowBrainer Innovation and Creativity Tool that increases creativity by over 500%. The KnowBrainer summarizes the 4-Stage Accelerated Innovation Process that is the foundation of the workshop and helps you apply the process and techniques during and after the workshop.

    All trainers learn to facilitate powerful techniques that stimulate minds to innovate. You will become skilled at teaching proven techniques such as the Idea Exchange™, FlashThinking™, Questionating, Wordating™, Visualating™ and Quotemplating™ techniques.

    Get Certified by the Experienced Faculty Who Designed the Training

    Gerald “Solutionman” Haman founded SolutionPeople Innovation over 20 years ago and developed the first version of the Accelerated Innovation Workshop over 10 years ago. Haman has personally selected, trained and certified the Master Trainers who are very qualified to teach you. Many of the Trainer Certifications are personally facilitated by Gerald “Solutionman” Haman.

    Trainers Receive Inspiring Coaching & Mentoring Support

    Once registered, you will be assigned a Master Trainer who will help prepare you to make the most of your certification experience. Your Master Trainer has conducted the workshop many times, so he or she is qualified to offer you advice and guidance to help you become an outstanding innovation trainer.

    You will be invited to participate in optional phone calls with your Master Trainer before and after the certification workshops. Your Master Trainer will provide you with up to four Innovation Surveys that will help you assess your training experience, innovation opportunities and needs. The assessment results will help you and your Master Trainer prepare for the certification workshop and follow-through.

    Participate in Important Follow-up & Webinars

    Your learning continues AFTER you leave the certification workshop. You will be encouraged to invest important time after the training to frequently talk with your Master Trainer.

    Trainers are encouraged to participate in at least 12 hours of “Innovation Trainer” webinars led by your Master Trainer. These follow-up webinars also give you an opportunity to reconnect with other Certified Trainers and share needs, ideas and best practices.

    Creative Recognition for Certified Trainers

    Thousands of people from around the world have graduated from the Accelerated Innovation workshop. They are easy to identify because they usually have a smile on their face and a KnowBrainer tool in their hand. You will also receive a colorful “Certificate of Graduation” to frame and post next to your other awards, diplomas or graduation certifications.

    Participate in Helpful Networking & Social Communities

    Certified Trainers and workshop graduates are invited to join exclusive Groups organized by SolutionPeople on the Linkedin Professional Network. Memberships are by invitation only, and accepted Group members can display a logo on their Linkedin profiles, blogs, websites and business cards. Groups have been organized on Linkedin for people who have completed SolutionPeople’s intensive certifications for Innovation Trainers, Facilitators and Coaches. As a Certified Trainer, you will be able to include the following exclusive “Innovation Trainer” logo on your Linkedin profile:

    Additional groups and communities have been organized for graduates who have interests in specific innovation topics including marketing, sales, product & service development, healthcare, green/sustainability and several other areas. Below is a list of our Linkedin Groups that have over 110,000 members. Certified Trainers are welcome to invite their graduates to participate in these innovation communities.

    Our Solutions Are Recommended by Experts & Authors

    A Google search reveals over a million references to Gerald Haman and SolutionPeople’s innovation training and tools. Haman has been quoted or SolutionPeople has been recommended in the following books.

  • Innovation Training (ASTD Trainer's Workshop) by Ruth Ann Hattori
  • Creating Customer Evangelists: How Loyal Customers Become a Volunteer Sales Force by Ben McConnell, Jackie    Huba, and Guy Kawasaki
  • 99% Inspiration by Bryan Mattimore
  • Creativity and Innovation: The ASTD Trainer's Sourcebook by Elaine Biech
  • How to Succeed in Business Without Working So Damn Hard by Robert Kriegel
  • Thinking about the Future, Guidelines for Strategic Foresight by Andy Hines
  • The Forward-Focused Organization : Visionary Thinking and Breakthrough Leadership to Create Your Future by    Stephen Harper
  • The Psychology of Money by Jim Ware
  • The 100 Percent Factor: Living Your Capacity by Jodee Bock
  • Summoned to Lead by Dr. Leonard Sweet
  • Power Brainstorming by Dr. Hazel Wagner
  • The Red Rubber Ball at Work by Kevin Carroll
  • Customers Rave About Innovation Training

    The success of Certified Trainers is evidenced by the raving fans among the more than 50,000 innovation workshop graduates. Find what people from Dow Chemical, Kraft Foods, American Express, Motorola, Google, Capital One, Life Fitness, Pactiv, Allstate, Abbott, and Rockwell Collins had to say about their trainers and training experience by reading over 100 testimonials.

    Reasonable Tuition Investments for Certification

    Tuition for SolutionPeople’s Trainer Certification program is $6,000 USD and includes free tuition for the Accelerated Innovation Training Workshop (Valued at $1,488 USD). Certification discounts are available for groups from the same organization.

    Easy Registration Options

    All major credit cards are accepted including Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover. Register online by clicking HERE. Tuition must be paid in full by credit card or check prior to workshop. For more information, email or phone 1-312-829-2852.

    Bring the Certification Training to You with Convenient On-Site & In-House Options

    Would you like to bring our trainer certification workshops to you and your organization? Our Master Trainers are happy to come to your organization and train your team, department or organization.