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Do You Need Breakthrough Solutions?
Do You Want More Innovation?
Do You Need Improved Innovative Thinking Skills?
Do You Want More & Better Ideas in Less Time?
Do You Need Time-Saving Tools & Proven Techniques?
Do You Want Proven Systems & Processes that Drive Innovation & Growth?

If You Answered YES to Any of the Above Questions, Then You Should Experience SolutionPeople’s Award-Winning Innovation Training Workshops.

Since 1989, over 100,000 people from 200 of the FORTUNE 500 companies and 50 countries have benefited from SolutionPeople’s innovation training. The American Society for Training & Development (ASTD) awarded SolutionPeople a “Learning Excellence Citation” for achieving outstanding training results. More than 50% of BusinessWeek magazine’s “Most Innovative Companies in the World” have been helped by SolutionPeople’s innovation training, tools, techniques and innovative experiences.

SolutionPeople’s Innovation Workshops Have Trained Over 100 Thousand People Who Generated More Than 3 Million Ideas that Produced Solutions Valued at Over 2 Billion Dollars.

Our training workshops have proven effective for people at all levels of organizations including senior executives, management, new employees. Workshops can be tailored to a wide variety of goals, challenges and opportunities including R&D, product & service development, sales, marketing, communications, engineering, manufacturing, operations, technology, sustainability and strategic planning. SolutionPeople’s proven training curriculum includes public and in-house innovation workshops and seminars for individuals and teams. Many organizations have also brought teams of employees AND customers together for workshops and have produced remarkable results.

Guaranteed ROI (Return On Ideas or Return On Innovation)

SolutionPeople has offered customers a Guaranteed ROI for over 20 years. You know investments precede dividends. Our ROI Guarantee is simple. For every dollar you invest with SolutionPeople we guarantee, it will pay for itself or yield a greater return. Invest $2,497 to attend a workshop, $15,000 to get certified, or $100,000 to train an organization – and you can expect to develop ideas and solutions valued at much more than your original investment. If not, SolutionPeople will refund your investment or allow you to attend the training again at no additional cost. When you invest more time and money with SolutionPeople you will save more time and accelerate your progress toward profits. One company’s million dollar investment in SolutionPeople’s training produced returns that exceeded several hundred million dollars and over time the returns may exceed a BILLION dollars.

“If you want people to think outside of the box, you should not train them in a box.”
- Gerald “Solutionman” Haman

SolutionPeople’s innovation training workshops are held at thought-provoking meeting facilities such as Thinkubator® Innovation Spaces and other creative venues in cities throughout the United States and many countries. Workshops can also be customized for in-house groups when our innovation trainers bring a “portable” Thinkubator® to the on-site environments.

SolutionPeople’s training is based on solid research and decades of experience, but the workshops are not overly theoretical or lecture-based. Our innovation training is interactive, engaging, experiential, inspiring and fun. Our trainers “walk the talk” and apply creativity and innovative thinking to the design and delivery of our workshops.

Train Your Trainers to Train Other Brains. Attend Advanced Workshops to Become a Certified Innovation Trainer, Certified Innovation Facilitator or Certified Innovation Coach.

Over 100 people from around the globe have completed SolutionPeople’s advanced certification workshops led by Gerald “Solutionman” Haman. The certifications equip people to lead their own innovation workshops, facilitate innovation teams and coach people to foster more innovation.