KnowBrainer Tool & Innovation System®

Would You Like a Proven, Easy-to-Use Innovation Tool To Innovate Better, Faster, and Smarter?
Your Solution is the New KnowBrainer Tool & System created by Gerald “Solutionman” Haman.

"If you are looking for a creativity tool that is powerful, portable, and low tech, then you ought to check out the KnowBrainer… This tool does an excellent job of leveraging the mind's capabilities of association to a major advantage. It may look like a simple tool, but don't let the KnowBrainer's low-tech "interface" fool you. This is one powerful and easy to use idea generation tool." - Chuck Frey, &

“The KnowBrainer (which I use every week) made for one of the most valuable training sessions in which I have participated.” - Kevin Lawrence, American Express

“The KnowBrainer tool was a great takeaway that will be quick and easy to use.” - Amy Curtis, Abbott Labs

“The KnowBrainer tool is invaluable. Understanding how to use this tool has revolutionized my approach to all of my business and personal endeavors.” - Janice Shokrian, EVP, DemingHill

“Size Matters; in this case, smaller is better. The KnowBrainer is a Napsterized version of Haman's knowledge. Using it day to day, doesn't require a $150 per hour consultant." - Ben McConnell & Jackie Huba, authors, Creating Customer Evangelists

“The KnowBrainer is a power tool that gives your brain a head start.” - Civil Service College, Singapore

What is the KnowBrainer Innovation Tool?

The KnowBrainer® is a hand-held, fan-deck tool that helps you quick think better, faster and smarter using hundreds of proven questions, words, quotes and images as inspiration. Do you want to BE more creative? Do you want to KNOW how to innovate faster? Do you want to FEEL empowered? If you answered yes, you need the KnowBrainer Innovation Tool.

The KnowBrainer’s integrated 4-Stage Accelerated Innovation® Process helps you generate, plan and organize ideas. The tool also helps you use your whole brain to generate up to 530% more ideas than traditional brainstorming. It is not computer software, but “headware” that can be used anywhere. The 5-ounce, compact (just 2x 4.5 inches or 5.1 cm x 11.4 cm), and portable tool has 180 color-coded cards that use a proven innovation language. Many people find the KnowBrainer tool is more valuable than traditional books or software on innovation.

What Do You Get With Your KnowBrainer System?

You get more than a tool, you get a complete SYSTEM. Your Innovation System includes tools, techniques, worksheets, planners, posters, bookmarks and eBooks.

How and Why Does the KnowBrainer Work?

The KnowBrainer works because it is designed to help you use your whole brain. Your brain is much more complex than traditional right and left brain models. Your brain actually has 4 quadrants and the KnowBrainer stimulates all 4 of them which inspire you to quickly develop innovative solutions. The KnowBrainer uses carefully-researched stimulus to provoke your brain to be more creative and innovative. The tool’s innovation language is based on the biological structure of the human brain and Gerald “Solutionman” Haman’s 4-quadrant 4Brain Thinkers™ Model.

The tool is self-instructional and can be applied to a variety of goals, challenges or problems. University tests revealed the tool increases the volume of ideas generated by over 530% versus traditional brainstorming with flip charts. Additional testing revealed that the tools unique content (questions, nouns, verbs, quotes and images) stimulated different parts and quadrants of the brain. The following KnowBrainer card reveals the 6 different types of content in each Stage:

Who Should Use the KnowBrainer?

Everyone Who Wants To Innovate Better, Faster & Smarter.
The KnowBrainer was designed to be used by anyone for almost any purpose. It is based on how most human brains think, and therefore can be used in a variety of job situations, functions, professions and age groups. The KnowBrainer has been used by people in management, sales, marketing, public relations, communications, product and service development, finance and operations. Students and professors at several prominent universities and schools have found the KnowBrainer to be extremely valuable. Many people have used the KnowBrainer to prepare for entrepreneurial opportunities, change careers or find a new job.

How Will the KnowBrainer Help You?

Create Breakthrough Ideas Everywhere, Everytime with Everybody.
The tool has helped thousands of people generate millions of ideas… and it can help YOU. People have used the KnowBrainer tool to invent award-winning products or services. Thousands of people have used the KnowBrainer to develop, sell, market and promote ideas. Many people have used the KnowBrainer to plan meetings, events, conferences and conventions. Others have used to tool to develop plans that help people implement and execute ideas. Professors and teachers have used the KnowBrainer to teach students how to be more creative and innovative. The KnowBrainer has also been used as a “textbook replacement” for a graduate level innovation course at Northwestern University.

If you need to save time or gain time, then the KnowBrainer is for you, your team, or your customers. If you need to increase profits or communicate more value, the KnowBrainer is for you. This card from the KnowBrainer reveals many ways the tool can help you:

How Can You Record the Ideas You Generate With the Tool?

You can generate hundreds or thousands of ideas with the KnowBrainer. Therefore, you will want to record them with a computer, voice recorder, flip chart or blank paper. The KnowBrainer comes with a pad of professionally-designed worksheets and sample planners shown below.

Who is the Brain Behind the KnowBrainer Tool?

Gerald “Solutionman” Haman developed the Knowbrainer to help you develop the full power of your innovative potential. Haman founded in 1989, in 1997, in 2005, in 2008, and he plans to launch in 2010. Haman enjoys connecting interesting people with other innovative and creative minds. Therefore, he organized more than 30 Innovation Groups on LinkedIn that comprise a worldwide community of over 110,000 members. People call him “Solutionman” because of his ability to quickly help people develop breakthrough solutions. Since launching SolutionPeople, Haman has helped people generate more than 3,000,000 ideas valued at over 2,000,000,000 dollars. Haman set a world brainstorming record by facilitating 8,000 people in a Thinkathon® at the Singapore Stadium to generate 454,000 ideas in less than 60 minutes.

Formerly, Haman was an award-winning manager at Procter & Gamble and Arthur Andersen. In addition to creating the KnowBrainer, he also created the world's first innovative thinking programs for iPhones and iPods, software programs including the FlashBrainer™ and Innovation Activator™. Solutionman has a Masters Degree in Communications and Training from the University of Minnesota and teaches part time at Northwestern University, the University of Illinois-Chicago, and the Illinois Institute of Technology. In 2007, Haman was certified as an “Experience Economy Expert” by Joe Pine and Jim Gilmore, the pioneering authors of groundbreaking books including The Experience Economy and Authenticity. He incorporates many Experience Economy principles into his innovation facilitations and workshops. Haman also created certification training programs that designate graduates as Certified Innovation Trainers, Facilitators, Coaches, Questionators and Masters. The KnowBrainer is an integral tool used in all of Haman’s Innovation Certifications.

What is the History of the KnowBrainer?

In 1987, Gerald Haman began researching thinking tools while a graduate student at the University of Minnesota. In 1989, he released one of the world’s first tools specifically designed to foster innovation. That tool, called the Pocket Innovator, gained acclaim and was recommended by FORTUNE magazine. The latest KnowBrainer is a culmination of Haman’s over 20 years of experience creating innovation tools that have been used by over 100,000 people around the globe. The KnowBrainer is an evolution of proven tools which include the Pocket Innovator, Pocket Persuader, Pocket Problem Solver and customized tools such as Kraft’s Diamond Miner tool. In 2009 history was made as over 100,000 of SolutionPeople’s innovation tools have purchased since the Haman introduced his first innovation tool. Haman continues to follow that advice of Abraham Maslow who advocated that people need a variety of tool. The following card from the KnowBrainer quote’s Maslow’s wisdom:

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Normally, the full KnowBrainer Innovation System sells for $149 and the KnowBrainer costs $98. For a limited time, get the COMPLETE System including the KnowBrainer for only $98! You save over $50 (34%) off the regular cost.

How Can You Become a Skilled Innovator With the KnowBrainer?

The KnowBrainer Tool is self-instructional; so all you need to do is follow the instructions printed on the tool! Below is the actual card that shows the simple 6-Step Directions.

The more you use the KnowBrainer, the faster you train your brain to use your whole brain. Practice leads to perfection. The more you use the self-instructional tool, the more you will appreciate its value, and realize it can be used to address a wide variety of goals, challenges, problems and questions. You can also attend FREE webinars or training workshops for more advanced training. Training opportunities can be found on the Training Calendar by clicking HERE.

Many KnowBrainer users have found it to be valuable to attend webinars and workshops that help them learn the full power of the KnowBrainer and learn over 50 innovation techniques that use the KnowBrainer. All KnowBrainer owners can download a FREE eBook that provides detailed instructions on the 5 most popular techniques including FlashThinking, Questionating, Wordating, Quotemplating and Visualating.

How Do Other People Feel About Using Their KnowBrainer?

"A No-Tech Innovation Tool" - Linda Stockman-Vines, Investor’s Business Daily

“The KnowBrainer tool has made it easy for our internal and international trainers to foster more creativity and innovation in our company throughout the world."
- Andy Hines, formerly with Dow Chemical & Kellogg’s, author of Thinking About the Future

"The KnowBrainer Tool is something I use to help me coach, provide performance consulting, manage projects, design and deliver training, as well as develop and shape business goals and strategies."
- Emily Cowling, formerly with Capital One

“The KnowBrainer is definitely more than a brainstorming tool. It’s a whole brain process that follows an idea through to implementation. This just scratches the surface of what’s available in this small portable innovator.”
- Marcy Nelson-Garrison, Choice Magazine for Coaches

"The tool that has been indispensable has been the KnowBrainer from SolutionPeople. They call it an 'accelerated innovation tool' but I call it my project meeting lifeline. I never leave for a meeting without it. I take most of my probing questions from it, and I evaluate most of my solutions against it." - Dana VanDen Heuvel, Technology from the Trenches

“The well thought out “KnowBrainer” tool will help incredibly as I continue to develop and then activate my ideas! The KnowBrainer is on my list for birthday and Christmas presents.” - Terri Williams

“The KnowBrainer tool can't be beat.” - Kent Blumberg

“Using the KnowBrainer tool as a guide, I have led numerous brainstorms on dozens of client projects.”
- Tim Dyer, Creative Director, GMR Marketing

"The KnowBrainer tool and techniques make thinking and problem solving fun and charming again, as it was in our youth... It's addictive!" - Jerry Meyerhoff, Distinguished Engineer formerly with Motorola

"The KnowBrainer tool can be used in all aspects of life.” - Leah Tate

“KnowBrainer - a great tool to help you achieve your goals.” - Mike Sansone

“I woke up this morning around 4am with some great ideas. The KnowBrainer works!” - Jim Waszak

"The KnowBrainer tool is a palm-sized set of symbols and icons that channel your thinking into great solutions.”

“After succeeding with the KnowBrainer, you will notice an exponential change in your innovation potential!”
- Angelfire

“I used the KnowBrainer tool to resolve a situation on my plane trip home and was impressed with how complete my results were.” - Theresa Kinney, Vice President, Lee Hecht Harrison

“The KnowBrainer tool was a great takeaway that will be quick and easy to use.”
- Mark Pufundt, Institute for Management Studies

“I highly endorse the KnowBrainer tool.”
- Fritz Hollenbach, VP of Learning, Regal Beloit Corp.

“I found the "KnowBrainer" tool very helpful to consider different aspects in the thought process.”
- Richard Ziegler, Sales Manager, Continental Automotive in Germany

“I found the KnowBrainer is a useful tool to organize thinking around the four key stages of the innovation process. It also provides a series of questions which can help focus your thinking on the issue at hand. And to stimulate your mind it provides a list of nouns and verbs to jumpstart your ideas.”
- Bill Burnett, Innovation Consultant

“I recommend the KnowBrainer Innovation tool to anyone who is interested in finding solutions in their personal or business life!” - Nathan Kievman, CEO, DemingHill

“Cool Resource: The KnowBrainer. I can't believe that I'm writing about this thing. I don't often tell too many people about it because it's been my 'secret weapon' for coming up with creative ideas for the better part of a decade (I own 3 of these, and NEVER leave home without one in my computer bag). The KnowBrainer, by SolutionPeople is simply the most effective creative brainstorming tool I've ever used.“ - Dana VanDen Heuvel,

“I use the KnowBrainer tool to enhance my brainstorming. It truly helped me get past this recent brick wall and I can see how I continue to use it.” - Joshua Gutstein

“The great KnowBrainer tool is an excellent guide to be used while having brainstorm sessions, working on an issue, developing new ideas or products." - Luis Alberto Godinez, Continental Automotive in Mexico

“My favorite tool is the Knowbrainer, with its quotes and photos; it is a great aid in stimulating my innovative ideas. I also like the fact that I can continue to learn about innovation, even though my workshop ended.” - Katrina Birling

“I plan to use the KnowBrainer tool with all future engagements; I think it's going to be indispensable.”
- Michael Burns, Creative Consultant

“The KnowBrainer tool deftly allows a group to move beyond the 'wall' that is sometimes experienced during the creative/brainstorming process.” - Dae Markus

“KnowBrainer tool is one of the easiest and most effective tools out there to use in the brainstorming process.”
- Mike Thompson, President, Interlude Coaching

“I am a heavy proponent of his "KnowBrainer" tool for innovation. It actually helps you generate ideas... We often have our staff and partners, as well as our clients use Gerald's tools and methods to innovate. I find his tools and strategies invaluable for fleshing out ideas, troubleshooting, writing blocks, and brainstorming.”
- Jason Metcalfe, Film Producer

“I learned the amazing opportunities the KnowBrainer tool has for groups of people both within and outside the same company.” - Jodee Bock, Bock's Office Transformational Consulting

“I've had many ah -ha moments in using the KnowBrainer and have taught KnowBrainer techniques to my staff and colleagues.” - Lynn Hazan, Recruiter

“The KnowBrainer is more than an innovation tool; it’s a catalyst to zoom ideas into action. The KnowBrainer tool teaches a four-stage process for making innovation happen from identifying needs to generating ideas to assessing solutions, and to putting plans into action. The beauty of the KnowBrainer tool is at every innovation stage, the tool asks you focused questions designed to better create, shape, evaluate, and activate the idea(s) for implementation.”
- John Moore, Brand Autopsy, formerly with Starbucks & Whole Foods

Where Can You Get Your Own KnowBrainer Tool?

Now Only $98 (Save 34%)
Satisfaction GUARANTEED

Normally, the full KnowBrainer Innovation System sells for $149 and the KnowBrainer costs $98. For a limited time, get the COMPLETE System including the KnowBrainer for only $98! You save over $50 (34%) off the regular cost.

Order KnowBrainer Innovation System & Tools for only $98 by clicking HERE. Order KnowBrainers for your teams, employees, families, students and friends. One company ordered 500 tools to distribute at a company meeting and everyone found the tool to be much more valuable than the traditional meeting handouts. The KnowBrainer's compact card-deck fan format puts the gift of inspiration for innovation in the palm your hand! Award-winning inventor, Solutionman, will be happy to include an autographed note card with tools ordered as a gift!

Solutionman Gives You His Personal $100 ROI (Return On Ideas) GUARANTEE!

“I want you to be very satisfied with your purchase. If you are unable to generate ideas that are worth at least $100, then return the tool and we will happily refund your original investment. Plus you can still keep the FREE Bonus Gifts Worth Over $130 described below.”

Gerald "Solutionman" Haman, KnowBrainer Creator, Founder of SolutionPeople Innovation View My LinkedIn Profile:

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FREE BONUS #2 – a $100 Value: Why You Should Order a KnowBrainer TODAY. Get the portable Idea Fan so you always have a convenient tool for recording your bright ideas. It’s about the same size as the KnowBrainer but has blank cards for recording ideas. Includes tips about “The New 3Rs” for innovators that remind you to Record, Recall & Recycle your ideas!

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